Our Story

We believe adventure and passion drive us every day. The love for our America, its people, its beauty and its culture. It all started with a love for college football, the vibe of 100,000 fans cheering on the home team. The energy of third down, the smell of fall leaves and game day barbeques.  We wanted to bring that experience to life by creating jewelry that really captures the heart, soul, and spirit of our beloved teams. College football is a true American culture that can only be understood on gameday.

As we visited universities all over the country, we got to experience the kindness, cultures and land that makes our country unique and the best in the world. As we travel it is our goal to offer jewelry designs that capture the soul of life’s experiences and commemorate them in high quality jewelry.  Traveling through Michigan, visiting the beaches, going Up North really inspired our Michigan and Great Lakes jewelry line.

To all of you, from all of us at Stone Armory, we thank you for shopping with us!

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